About Us

I started Comfy Paws 11 years ago because I was having trouble finding care that I trusted for my fur baby, Thumper.  I rescued her as a puppy and she still had a fear of crates. What I've been so happy to be able to offer at Comfy Paws (in my home in Aptos) is a loving and comfortable spot for dogs to feel like they're at home when they can't be. Thumper has very sadly passed now and I've been able to rescue another sweet pup, Luna. 

Fast foward a few more years and my partner, son and I have moved to Sonora. While we rent and look for our new home we will be providing pet sitting in your home, check ins & walks. We hope to be in full (boarding) operation starting in November. Looking forward to meeting you and your fur baby!


Our Clients